We offer a variety of ways for the staging and decorating industry to connect to our readers.

First, we want to remind you, our goal is to create a magazine that will inspire our readers to want to live in spaces they love, and stage properties they want to sell.  We want to elevate the industry to showcase professionals and encourage our readers to hire decorators, stagers and their design partners. To do this, we feel it is important to keep the subscription free. This means if you are a professional who gets featured in our magazine, or a sponsor who shares great information within our pages, you can send the magazine to your clients and network, showcasing your involvement and they would not have to pay to see you in the magazine.

In order to keep the magazine subscription free, this means we need to be creative and find other ways for AspiredHOME to not only pay for its expenses, but be a profitable highly branded magazine. Here is a few of the ways…


  1. Design Challenges: Each month, stagers and decorators have an opportunity to showcase their work. The entry fees are $50 (for two project entries per category). First place receives a beautiful award, and second and third certificates. Read More…


  1. Exposure Packages: Stagers and Decorators who want more exposure, can submit their work for our special sections of the magazine. If chosen, they can opt to purchase an exposure package. This package includes a video interview, behind the scenes blog, and 2 additional links to their sites or social media that will be linked to the photos in the magazine. They will receive the link for the video to place on their own site, as well as the cover of the magazine and spread pages they were featured in for promotional use. This package is $500.
    (Note: The magazine only showcases work we like and fits our issue. You may submit your work without the purchase of the exposure package, if you have something that fits our editor schedule. ) Send all submission suggestions to aspiredhome @ gmail.com


  1. The Directory of Professionals: In the middle of our magazine we have a directory of professionals, who are listed by country, state and city. It is $55 for two issues to participate. Information displayed is 1) name that links to website, 3) 3 words of service 3) phone number 4) very small photo of professional.


  1. Sponsors/Advertisers: We want to make the experience better for our advertisers. Through half and full page ads, we encourage 3-4 links. 1)to videos, 2) blogs of interest 3) websites and 4) portfolios. Request a rate sheet for options at aspiredhome @ gmail.com


Please contact an AH Rep for more information. We are happy to explain the opportunities we are giving you to educate and build relations with our readers.


~Angela Brooks-Osborne
AH Publisher