Each Issue AspiredHOME Magazine will be issuing  Design Challenges. In appreciation for all your work submitting photos and projects to our magazine, we would like to have the opportunity to acknowledge your efforts. Awards and certificates will be given for placing in the Top 3 in our Design Challenges.

This Issue’s Design Challenge: Holiday Decor Transformation

DEADLINE: 5pm on December 1st, 2017. Winners will be announced in the December Issue of the magazine.

Do you think you have the best Living Room Transformation? Enter one of four categories:

  1. Staging Occupied: submissions must use mainly what homeowner owns. You may add soft accessories, artwork and decor to enhance. Major furniture needs to be homeowner’s.
  2. Staging Vacant: before photos may have furniture, but afters must show the furniture replaced and be completely brought in by the stager.
  3. Decorating: submissions are projects that do not change structure or major renovation. This could include redesign, or complete replacement of furniture and decor. Minor customized cabinets, surfaces, permitted.

ENTER BY EMAIL – aspiredhome@gmail.com – $50 entry fee. SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ENTER.

1st Place Winners: Award given at Appreciation VIP Red Carpet event during the Empowered Entrepreneurs Convention on November  2018. Badges for Promotion. Project displayed in next AspiredHOME Issue.
2nd & 3rd Place Winners: Certificates + Badges for promotion, and project displayed in the next AspiredHOME Issue.

1. Submit before and after’s of your transformation, include your Name, Address, Phone, Company Name and a brief description of your submission. NOTE: You may submit more than one angle of each project.
2. In subject line enter category “STAGING CONTEST: Vacant or Occupied” or “DESIGN CONTEST: decorating or renovating”
3. We will send a confirmation of your entry, and a paypal invoice for the entry fee of $50. This includes 2 sets of photos per category. (*Note: Entry fee includes, certificates, awards, shipping, admin and more.) BOTH SUBMISSION AND PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE AUG 31st, 2017 in order to be entered. If you do not receive a confirmation or have not paid the paypal invoice, we do not have your submission. It is your responsibility to ensure we receive both.

ENTER BY EMAIL – aspiredhome@gmail.com – $50 entry fee. SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ENTER.


  1. Photos must be professional (before photos can be of less quality, but must be clear and easy to see)
  2. All photos must be signed off by photographers. AspiredHOME Magazine will not be responsible for copyright issues. By submitting you are responsible, and agree that you have permission to submit for our publication. Please include photo credits with submissions.
  3. We reserve the right to disqualify any submissions for blurry or dark photographs.


The publisher will be taking all submissions, and coding the photos to match the applicant. Our panel of judges will not know which photo belongs to who. They will be judging on a criteria based on category. Best transformation, keeping design appeal, design elements, including lighting, floorplan, layering etc,  and in staging projects, selling features, focal points, demographics and more.

ENTER BY EMAIL – aspiredhome@gmail.com – $50 entry fee. SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ENTER.