Thermal burns are some of the most common burns that affect thousands of people in Canada per year. The leading cause of these burns occurs on stove tops and ovens. While burns can affect people at all ages, young children and the elderly are the most susceptible to burning themselves.

At HotSpot Thermal Sticker, their mission is to bring awareness to burn prevention. The HotSpot Thermal Sticker can be applied to any smooth surface to provide a clear visual warning of a hot surface. Their stickers help teach young children of potential dangers that exist in the kitchen while gently reminding the elderly of the risks as well.

Created by a team of students from Royal Roads University,, not only helps bring awareness of burn prevention to the kitchen, but also gives back to the community. All net proceeds of the HotSpot stickers are being donated to the British Columbia Professional Firefighters’ Burn Fund.

Visit today to either purchase your HotSpot Thermal Sticker, or follow the link to donate directly to the British Columbia Professional Firefighters’ Burn Fund.